In our fast-paced world, accurate data and expert knowledge must be immediately available to empower you to make the right decisions quickly and stay in control of your engineering requests. FCG has developed a secure web-based system to meet your needs and provide 24x7 real-time access to your project status and summary reports.

Welcome to EPIC: the Engineering Project Information Center. We use it to provide open communication between our engineers, peer reviewers, and quality assurance team members. You can use it to view all the data pertaining to your assignments as well as access to photos, notes, contact information and custom management reports. FCG strives to meet a number of service metrics which EPIC tracks and provides the necessary data to improve on them. Web Service integration is also available to allow EPIC to get out of your way and provide a seamless connection to your claim management system.

We believe technology should improve efficiency and business intelligence, not replace human interaction. EPIC is standing by to provide additional paths of connectivity between you and your FCG engineering team.

It is the written policy of FCG that all information contained within EPIC including text, training materials, files, policies, testing exams, system structure and all other information is the exclusive property of FCG and/or their clients. No information is to be used, disseminated or otherwise posted or shared with other parties nor on websites, blogs, or any other forum, public or private. All questions concerning any materials related to FCG or their clients should be addressed to FCG only.